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  1. fayrobertsuk

    Oh! I was sure there was more of that coming… Hoping those guys turn up again.

  2. Hans Lemurson
    Hans Lemurson

    Mmm…nothing like a nice warm cup of Ambrosia!

  3. themooglet

    Ohhh… I wanted more of the creepy kid and the grub. Onward to a new story for 2016.

    Amazing work again Quasilucid, thank you for sharing suchawesome stories with us.

    • Binky

      Same here, I kind of expected more. It *is* a complete story ‘though, once you’re over the double-take. Props for quasilucid for keeping us, the readers, on our toes!

  4. Emby Quinn

    Gotta say I was expecting more this time. A lot of Mike’s stuff has a recognizable ending, although very little is usually explained. This feels really, really abrupt. Still a killer (pun!) story.

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