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  1. Joseph

    Uh-oh. Underground bunker? Frozen wastes? A title like “Specimen?” This isn’t going to be good…

    • Apozzle

      Really? I expect that it will be a comedic romp that’s fun for the whole family.

    • Bncts

      I disagree. This is going to be *very* good.

      • craftmused

        you know what would be a REAL mindblowing thing on FP? that it was a cute innocent little creature and remained so troughout. dunno what the story would be then…but….:p

  2. eire1274

    I got “the Thing” running around in my brain. And I don’t mean I have the Thing running around in my brain, because that would suck.

  3. Vyachislav

    I don’t even understand why we say things like “this isn’t going to be good” like we still expect it to end well. False Positive just keeps you on the edge of your seat finding out how bad and twisted it can get.

    Although there are the ones that throw you for a loop, like Wayfarer, Clean-up, and Exile, so who knows?

    • Joseph

      I mean—I expect it to be even worse than usual.

  4. Robert Nowall

    New story, or still the old one? Or did I miss a transition?

    • Gadget

      If only there was some way to find out.

    • WriterX

      There was a transition, yep. Clever Hound already ended.

  5. Etrigahn

    Does anyone find this page very similar to the third level of Goldeneye for the N64? I can’t help but get that vibe here. ( think its the third level, one of the snow ones)

    • Ragli Nortis
      Ragli Nortis

      A joyous bout that game was. Third level was some manner of airstrip if memory can be trusted. Nortis, the bold git, assumes you mean one of the bunker levels, both involving bunkers in cold climates.

  6. asdf jones
    asdf jones

    Looks like the art style will be a bit different for this one! I like it.

  7. Tim DRX
    Tim DRX

    Nothing good ever comes in a bunker…

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