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  1. Varkarrus


  2. CraftMused

    are you gonna start giving us fables now? haha

  3. Andy

    Looks like a pub tale this time around.

    • Zip!


    • Vyachislav

      I would definitely go drinking at The Clever Hound.

  4. Kerlyssa

    I’m a little bit afraid of what FP considers clever…

  5. Ben

    Furry Comic!

  6. Shi-Shi B.
    Shi-Shi B.

    Loved the last entry, and this one looks really intriguing.

  7. Vagus

    Why do I suspect the clever hound lives outside the bounds of traditional space-time?

  8. Kevin Smith(@SharnDM)

    Damn, I’m all caught up now. I have to visit every day looking for updates like a chump now! (Great stuff!)

  9. Wellwellwell

    Oh my!
    Me as a cat-loving and (sadly) irrationaly dog-fearing person…

    The only solace I take in that has always been – “dogs ar stupid – yes, they are loyal and agressive and loud and fast an have teeth they quite like to use – but they are enourmos morons.”

    And now you bring me a clever one ?!

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