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  1. Rerouter

    the 3 phase circuit breakers and ground strap are outside of the metal electrical bin, considering it is only 1m away from plant life which makes me assume basement garden, (The wires would be live, so normally would be tucked inside a similar enclosure)

    There is a mix of wire layouts, the plc having everything neat and well managed with planned lengths, then look to the left asnd you get more of a mess, with zip ties implying it has had things added a few times, Contrast this to the mains wiring to the left which looks like a general sparkies original house wiring, with almost no slack, and minmal structure, then you have the single mains wire overhead snaking down the wall, it is not original and someone has added it for the easiest fit and not the neatest,

    My thoughts are that this is a basement greenhouse, the padlock is broken as this person wants something in it, when the wire is cut the controller will loose power, and some manner of sentient plant life will attack him resolve on an eye-flower growing out of his hand,

  2. gerusz


    • John KP
      John KP

      Da… fuq? ??

      • gerusz

        Counter Strike. That’s always the code for the bombs on de_ levels.

  3. shane

    looks like we gotta Electrician in the house!

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