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  1. Moe Lane


  2. Web_MST3K

    If that didn’t kill him, it would really, really hurt! On the other hand, anyone who survives being impaled while floating in a vacuum is entitled to start his own religion.

  3. tafink

    One does not normally associate astronauts with deal by impalement. I vote for an act of violence, not a an accident.

  4. Kuro

    Wonder if this’ll be a flashback sequence leading up to where we’re at today.

  5. gajosin

    Well, this is a good start, right away :P.

  6. MrSing

    I guess his plan to become an astronaut turned out to be a pipe dream.

  7. David

    I wonder where the blood is on the pipe… well… the part that’s through him…

    • Samberg

      – the nature of the injury might not have left much blood on the pipe
      -it could be coated in blood, but the lighting and monochromatic palette make it hard to detect
      -the blood could be mostly ice crystals
      -any blood could have been wiped clean passing through the layers of clothing and space suit
      -the surface of the pipe could be comprised of a space-age material resistant to condensation, lubricants, or viscous matter, like blood
      -he could have been dead before the pipe went through or undead, like a vampire
      -the pipe didn’t impale him but phased into him through a teleporter malfunction
      -Ceci n’est pas une pipe

  8. sunphoenix72

    Its possible the blood could have ‘boiled-away’ in the vacuum…but I’d think there would still be some frozen residue on the pipe end at least…

  9. Web_MST3K

    The space suit might have self sealed automatically. On the outer surface of the pipe, the seals might have kept the blood inside the suit. The inner surface of the pipe has no contact with the blood, just with the vacuum at both ends. Still must hurt like the dickens though.

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