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  1. Daniel Cohen

    This is going to be a claustrophobic one…

  2. Alx_2004

    Looking interesting
    And I still waiting for the story with the man on “Season Two” cover

  3. IrinAkae

    is he breaking in or out?

  4. Craftmused

    Hasnt this guy played minecraft? you dont dig straight up or straight down. Bad omen already :p

    • WriterX

      Well, it could be a scenario where he sees diamonds above him… and as soon as mines it the lava shall drop!

  5. Riptorian

    Guys, guys, guys listen for a sec. ALIENS!

  6. Sigurther

    I sense a Creeper lurking in the shadows… And him without any diamond armor.

  7. IrinAkae

    Is he maybe defending himself? Looking up at something? It would actually be really cool to get a reversed story, Memento style.

  8. tricksterwolf

    Now I have Devo stuck in my noggin.

  9. Ryan Schneider

    Tommy Knockers, Tommy Knockers, knocking at my door…

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