Sentinel Epilogue

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  1. mingthemerciless

    What can I say? You dont wanna be eaten? Stay away from Starships,
    China(sleeping Bo Xilai’s Red Guards were/are cannibals) and Africa(Lord’s army and General Butt Naked Brigades ate and are still eating unwary travelers…).

  2. WriterX

    Wait wait wait… A happy ending?

  3. Equinox

    So the ladies dodged a bullet… and with much technical flair I might add… or else… it’s…. a cannibal virus! *dun dun dunnnn!*

  4. Deacon AL

    Too simple.
    So they dodged one bullet for another. I would like to see that.

    Thank you though for this!

  5. Alan

    Wait… doesn’t the guy in the pot have stubble? Is that the lady?

  6. sunphoenix72

    And still.. who or what.. is the Sentinel???

  7. downwardssaintbcbullock

    Alan, I think that’s someone else they’re thawing out of cryo sleep. And eating.

  8. snogglethorpe

    Wait, I’m completely confused… what happened between the last page and this one…?

    • Shiny

      A quick scene change.

  9. arianod

    …and the protagonists get away? Really? Is Mike going soft on us? I don’t think it’s gonna be that easy…

  10. Vyachislav

    Yeah, who is that guy on the red panel?

  11. Really?

    Why are so many surprised the protagonists got away? In most of the stories, the main characters “get away.” I guess if you’re surprised, you got one more twist than the rest of us.
    I’m with Mr. or Ms. downwardssaintbcbullock. I must assume we’re meant to read between the lines here. The epilogue is showing us the kids are alright and they’re waking cryogenically frozen passengers to eat.

    • Lleyn

      Yep, looks like the children are doing well without their father. The other passengers of that space ship… not so much. And as to our hero ladies, their situation is exactly as Kel said on the last page: Not so great, because of the alien and potentially lethal stuff their ship is carrying and what might await them in quarantine, and yet also not so bad, because they’re alive and have escaped. And most important of all, they are together. Happy end!

  12. Nick

    Still a confusing ending… I want to know what the contaminate was?

  13. mingthemerciless

    That’s for us to know and for you to wonder…

  14. ironsun254

    Oh well… I expected the duaghter from Exiled was, in fact, the high level company executive and that she would override the shuttle some how and call it back. Now, they’ll just keep eating the people until they run out and then they’ll turn on eachother. What fun!

    • Shiny

      What makes you think that?

  15. ddonowitz

    I don’t think the “unidentified material” that caused quarantine is important. In many science fiction stories, steps are taken to prevent contact with foreign and unknown objects from alien worlds (except for “Promethius” where the idiot took off his helmet on a foreign planet) to prevent POSSIBLE contamination. This story is about a ship that crashed on an alien world. As a result of the crash, some type of particles, or “unidentified material” was detected and an automatic safety protocol… or quarantine… was initiated. We do not know if this “unidentified material” is toxic or not. If the ship and its crew were intact, then I assume scientists would run tests to determine if the “unidentified material” posed a threat. I think this story was mainly about the struggle to escape this shipwreck and to dodge the “identified threat” of cannibalism.

  16. ddonowitz

    I wonder how big the crew was and how many people they have eaten. Do these children have one mother or multiple mothers? Where are the mothers? Were they eaten? I like the fact that all of this was not spelled out but there could be an interesting story about the lives of these children. Perhaps they practice some interesting rituals and/or religion.

  17. Ryan Schneider

    A more pertinent question is why the wealthy couple continued to have children if food was so scarce from the beginning? Let me explain: the one legged man said eight had been revived, probably at random, including himself and his wife. Gushing from the ages of the children, they could not have been among them. The fate of the original seven must remain a mystery, but the children can at least help us narrow things down to one of two scenarios, as they are not 25+ years old:
    1. The wealthy young couple were about to start a new life together when they were marooned. The other six revivals died over time in one way or another, but food stores must have been relatively plentiful, at first; at least that is what the crippled father told himself as he gave in to his wife’s increasingly mad loneliness, driven by fear that they wouldn’t be rescued before she was too old to have children. Also, he found them useful and perhaps more trustworthy then other revived strangers might be. At some point after their little girl was born, the mother died, and soon after, he realized that food was running low. Resorting to the lowest form of human life, I suspect the father at least questioned the victim as to whether or not they could aid in escape. Apparently, not one dang engineer of any skill was in that part of the ship.
    2. The children are not his natural children, but were toddlers originally around the same age, belonging to other families. He found a manifest telling which was which, and revived them one by one over the years. This served several reasons, from providing him with helpers who loved him too much to betray him, as well as providing him with company, and company for each other.

    • Shiny

      I’m sorry, what makes you think there’s any wealthy couple’s involved? All I see are a bunch of children raised on solid parenting and cannibalism.

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