Frenzy Page 1

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  1. Ashley

    I love this title page. The old movie title look pulls at my heartstrings. 🙂

  2. Undercloud

    It pulls out that fella’s heart.

  3. SrPilha

    PHWOARRRRR this looks absolutely stunning. Speechless here. O_O’

  4. The other ghost girl
    The other ghost girl


  5. Wolff Laarcen

    Oh, this promises to be very interesting.

  6. Vyachislav

    Really liking this gory noir-movie start. I am excited!

  7. Equinoxx

    hahaha *grabs popcorn and soda* cardio!

  8. Baal

    With this title page I could almost see False Positive beeing made into a series on TV.

  9. KingTharg

    @Equinoxx nice
    Any chance that this story will involve an actual movie? Perhaps coming out and attacking the viewers? Probably not that specifically, it’s a bit obvious, but I could see something along those lines.

  10. Jim Faindel

    From eldritch zombies to frenzied zombies? I’d rather stay in the pan.

  11. Eryka Soleil

    I absolutely LOVE this title page. They’re always good, but this one is particularly nostalgic and lovely.

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