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  1. nahbro

    Looks like an interesting story; can we carry on without the Classics hipsters showing up please???

  2. ddonowitz

    This looks good so far. I am anxious to see what great and terrible things are in store for these folks.

  3. ddonowitz

    These clouds are reminiscent of the clouds at the beginning of Concoction. You really put a lot of detail into your craft. You are truly a master. I am bowing in humble adoration.

  4. Ashley

    I was right. I was too busy staring at those clouds to notice the little shak at the bottom, along with the people.

    You, sir, make absolutely amazing clouds.

    • Eryka Soleil

      Ha! Yes. I’ve only found two downsides to reading this webcomic:

      1) I tend to get sucked in when I should be doing other things (like sleeping), because, “Man, I really want to know what happens next . . . I’ll read one more page, and then I’ll go do [thing I should have started doing several pages ago].

      2) I remember how totally inadequate I am at drawing seemingly simple things, such as clouds, dirt, and small bushes. :p

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