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  1. Winjin

    These glass cages turn me on. I don’t know why. Guess I’m freaky.

    So yes, technically, I could ask “Is it wrong that it gave me a boner”?

    • Doc

      i don’t know if it’s wrong, but if it last longer than 8 hrs you should consult your physician.

  2. Samantha

    This is just so lovely. Everything you you do is fantastic and well done. On a little side note, I really don’t know why this is relevant, but I can’t wait for another blue color scheme.

    • quasilucid

      I appreciate the compliment about my work.
      And to your side note, currently another artist is working on illustrating one of my stories with a blue hue and I am hopeful it will be done in time to be the next chapter.

  3. Agusti

    There goes my mind after reading all yours comics in a row.

    You are an excellent cliche-destroyer.

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