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  1. Musing


  2. Aviv

    so it’s a happy ending, then 😀

    • Celebrochan

      Except for the dead guy…

  3. Nap

    I guess even parasitic eldritch abominations can enjoy some R&R and a good book.

  4. DoktorNauk

    I’m pretty sure she is also dead.

    • Luna

      Ducktective? What are you doing here?

  5. Matthew G.
    Matthew G.

    I doubt she’s dead… otherwise the other parasitic eldritch abomination would still be using the dead guy.

  6. Winjin

    If that means that the cat doesn’t suffer, I’m completely cool with her kind of nonexistence.
    I guess that these parasites can take the body over at some time, as the one in the female body did after the male died, but before that they were keeping themself hidden in plain sight – the girl was way too scared. My guess, they can hide so that carriers behave on theyr own, therefore keeping the mimicry to maximum level.

    • John KP
      John KP

      You talking about a cat while a former parasitic-ridden dead guy is upstairs? What the shit man, what the fucking hell..

  7. Nero

    @Winjin that’s a very smart observation. 🙂

  8. Demic

    I can’t even describe how much I like these comics.

    I guess I’ll do it by sharing this with everyone I know.

    Keep it up.

  9. Phantomspacecop

    That’s not disturbing at all.

  10. N

    …oh f%$k

  11. nightgaunt49

    They might not be parasites. They do have intelligence. I wonder how well the bodies function with them inside? Some how it killed that man. The hosts probably have no idea. Just blacked out time. Uh oh.

  12. Danny

    On threat of necroing this comic’s thread (no pun intended), parasites don’t have to be nonintelligent, nor do they need to kill their hosts. In fact parasites more often prefer to keep their host alive as long as possible. Parasitoids, however (think Aliens the movie series) use “hosts” as breeding vessels, killing them off. These definitely show parasitic activity, unable to live outside of the host. Winjin has the right of it, making sure that they survive as long as possible through hiding in plain sight.

  13. hankthemac


  14. russ

    The parasites look exactly like brains

  15. Nya

    You are utterly fantastic. This is the best yet. I was cringing and squirming in my seat, and I can be a pretty tough customer. Thanks for the thrills. <3

  16. Don

    man, i really thought the cat was going to eat them both – they look so much like string… 😛

  17. Ryan

    Oh man I lol’d so hard. What a happy couple they are.

  18. Physician, heal thyself
    Physician, heal thyself

    Dang. i though for sure the cat would win!

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