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  1. Nap

    She IS nuts.

  2. Riptorian

    oohhh, very selfish of her indeed, she just screw over all the following time-lines. Still, they weren’t afraid to show blood before, so im not sure that gunshot came from where it would be most obvious. I can’t say i follow where the too many cooks problem comes from as they can only jump backwards in time to make multiple copies of themselves, i guess she just doesnt want to trip over herself when she needs to go back in time to fix things. Then the problem that this version seems much older having already tried working with people yet she’s wearing the exact same clothing, what is she planning?

  3. Matthew G.
    Matthew G.

    Wait. If she shot herself BEFORE she went back in time…? This one’s really messing with my head.

    • WonkyTARDIS

      It’s called a paradox, I suspect The Master’s doing.

  4. Carl-E

    She’s done this at least once before. Notice how she had two identical guns in the last strip?

    I still think we’re dealing with a temporal loop, and the “too many cooks” thing has to do with killing off copy after copy after …

    After all, look at all thos apples!

    So now she’s going to kill off the original. Of course, then she’ll disappear…?

  5. Simon

    I like this one a lot. There’s a movie waiting to be written.

  6. Matthew G.
    Matthew G.

    Wait, that was the ending? D’aw… I’m STILL confused. Does shooting herself before she went back in time make the universe es’plode?

  7. Al Bruno III


    That was awesome!

  8. Mr Shine/Darkshine
    Mr Shine/Darkshine

    now thats taking narcsissm to a completely new level

  9. Gay Barie

    I have not checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

  10. anodos

    For more like this, see the Cube movies (hypercube)

    There is no paradox, shes already there……

  11. Phantomspacecop

    That. Was amazing.

  12. SPINE

    I was hoping for this type of an ending. Wonderful

  13. Dom

    Stepping out of the time machine over a pile of apples, pistols blazing, gets my vote for best comic panel of the year…

  14. Blake

    Oddly enough I’ve been working on an idea like this for a while. And you’ve now confirmed I’m not stupid. 😀 However, my thoughts on how it works out might be different. 😛

  15. nightgaunt49

    Obviously more things have happened and her later self is fully informed. And loads of the same apple in the time travel pod. So she can kill her earlier self without danger of paradox. Must have traveled between parallel universes.Still manipulation of time is dangerous, and it can manipulate you too.

  16. tricksterwolf

    This is silly, though. All she had to do was stuff her former self in the capsule to send her back to another timeline. That’s the easy way to clean up the bodies as well, given what we’ve seen with regard to the workings of paradox.

    Then again maybe just she just likes killing herself. She might even be addicted to it…

  17. Jim Faindel

    What I do not understand for the love of me is how can they repeat that cycle with the same gun, considering they fire all the bullets it has and leave them there.

    • tricksterwolf

      Just send the gun back a few times while it’s full…

  18. Mr. Abra
    Mr. Abra

    I love the notion that you could jump back forward in time given the ability to calculate where and when exactly the machine would be. and if you are from the future you would have those times on hand from the future machine enabling a sub-cycle within the machine as an accurate constant to consistently be able to reach the last point of the timeline in which the thought and action had been formed. When you turn the machine on the updated “last date” would appear.

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