Last-Ditch Mid-Credits Scene 6

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  1. Sigurther

    Wow, so, if I’m reading this right, all their efforts accomplished exactly nothing.

    • greyhoundbus

      They get a do-over with foresight? And the time travel aspect is a great way to tie into Newton’s Apple.

    • DudeBro

      Main boss turned out to be the astronaut. Defeated FTW.
      They restored the tree/ door and we see the coyote-god lives. Gods can be hard to kill.
      And they freed the bride of Satan.

  2. fonro

    wait what page is evidence that the coyote god lives

  3. Kissa

    One the previous page we see a coyote exit the tree where the small light on the right side of the tree.

  4. wrennyth

    Hmm, any ideas on who the hooded figure/goat are?

    • Edgar M Lemos
      Edgar M Lemos

      Probably an even more unfathomable evil, set free somehow by all these shenanigans.

    • Foobar

      Well, it’s a black goat in the woods, so we may as well assume it’s THE Black Goat of the Woods … walking on a leash like a pet.

  5. Honzinator

    I was thinking blood sacrifice/scapegoat.

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