Last-Ditch Mid-Credits Scene 5

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  1. Foobar

    Oh, shit.

  2. Panda

    The regrown section of the tree isn’t white. Maybe this is in the past? Or maybe the color darkened after our protagonists went through the portal and Coyote did survive.

  3. greyhoundbus

    This is probably the past, all indications are when the pilgrims said the past can be unmade, they literally meant you had to go back in the past and do it all over. Hindsight is 50/50!

  4. Honzinator

    Clever hound, our coyote.

  5. mostromundo

    Remember in The Clever Hound the Hound was destroyed, but his destruction brought the rest of the pack down to wipe out the townspeople. So how are our heroes going to fight a bunch of those damn things?

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