Last-Ditch Mid-Credits Scene 2

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  1. Guilherme

    Who ever reads the fine print anyway? Imma just sign this.

  2. Foobar

    Damn, that’s a LOT to process in a single panel:

    1: Confirmation of tie-in to Incantation. It happens after this?
    2: Tie-in to Seance.
    3: Explanation how the witch came back.
    4: The woman on the right … from Newton’s Apple?
    5: The other thing on the right… no idea.
    6: The woman on the left … no idea.
    7: The guy at center-left… from Specimen?

    If so, that leaves Supplier as the only missing supernatural story.

  3. Idle Hands
    Idle Hands

    Incantation-man made the deal and later, in his story, he left the spell cirlce without his body. #loophole
    In his baby body, he came back and saved David before he went down the tree hole in this story.

  4. DasMoose

    Still better than Apples TOS.

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