Last-Ditch Mid-Credits Scene 1

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  1. DasMoose

    Yay! Prequel! I was wondering when / how the team came together!

  2. Kite

    Ah, i’m not sure how to ask this but….did those guys become “more than friends”? if you know what I mean. I’m saying this because of that kiss. It was more than a casual kiss or at least it looked that way to me.

  3. Honzinator

    Even for immortal mages, they’ve got poise to handle this scene so well.

  4. patrickmcevoy

    Brilliant!! Whether it’s a brief coda or the start of a prequel it’s great. This has the look to me of a “post credits scene”.

  5. yakshavings

    Awesome work as always Mike- I see that there are a number of comics that have been “retired” some of which i really liked…but I dont see anything on the website explaining why they were retired. Any chance you could explain, or where we can find them now that they retired?

    • Sigurther

      I’ve been curious about this too, as to wether they were huge hints into the previous storyline, stories the creator hid so they would be more desirable in book form, or just work he ended up not liking after the fact and removed.

    • quasilucid

      Some stories get old and need retirement. I haven’t decided on much beyond that.

      It has nothing to do with how some stories might relate to one another.

      That’s all I got for now.

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