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  1. Professional Mole

    Oooh, very promising.

  2. Kris Knox
    Kris Knox


    • tricksterwolf

      He’s still there.

  3. Binky

    Ooooh, season finalé?

  4. Gesh

    OMCheese! I could spend 4ever commenting about this story. I guess I’ll save all that energy for that tv show “Humans” about the renegade Synths.

  5. Robert Nowall

    Seemed to end pretty fast, that one…I was hoping for a little more in the rebooting…

  6. web_mst3k

    So we’re going to leave Mr. Roboto standing there, trying to touch his toes?

    When a woman marries a man, she hope he changes, and he doesn’t.

    When a man marries a woman, he hopes that she never changes, and she does.

    Hm, it looks like somebody has found a loop hole.

    • Gesh

      “Hey, Joanie, what’s that you’re poking with a paperclip on my scalp?”
      “Nuttin’, honey!”

  7. Mick

    The question now is who, or what, is going to get eaten.

  8. Anarcissie

    I have a third ending for the story that may amuse you. (It is not original.) In either case, the person who was modified straightens up, and orders the opposite party to go into standby mode, and then modifies him or her in the same way. Then in the last frame, both have turned back on, and they look at one another and say (together) ‘The important thing is not science, not the gods, but the love one another.’ The ambiguous truth of this last sentence has a nice flavor of dissonance about it.

  9. toxicdelirium

    Aaaaand that’s where I stop reading. This typical derogatory, atheistic depiction of theists is, as usual, moronically simplistic. I expected better from you. Buh Bye.

    • quasilucid

      That’s a bummer. Sorry to learn that was your read on the character and the story. I must respectfully disagree. But, both characters were meant to present cliché points of view… and I certainly wouldn’t want either one of them over for a dinner party.

    • Humbert

      Seriously? What the everlasting fuck are you talking a about? Please share the brilliant atypical theist argument this character failed to deliver.

  10. Gesh

    Don’t worry; he’s in a better place right now… mining bitcoins!

  11. Pierre LeDouche
    Pierre LeDouche

    You know, I believe Elmore Leonard had to time-out the children and give this speech at least twice a year, when some bozo got outraged–outraged, I say!–over racist or obscene language used by a character in one of his books. He wrote crime fiction, for Beezelbub’s sake! He had to repeat this lesson over and over and….in short, his answer was that it was not the author speaking, it was the character speaking and you know, people hold all sorts of opinions that you might find distasteful. This is a work of fiction. Not email or a travelogue book. Anyone who writes fiction well will write characters that say or do things some reader might take issue with. The fact that there’s at least one butthurt reader who flounced off in disgust simply illustrates how good Mike Walton is in character development. Man, talk about suspension of disbelief! Well done, well done! Big Mike gets the official King Fiend salute (it’s a good thing, honestly) from this grateful reader who still cannot effing believe he’s getting solid gold for free. Love the free stuff, man. But I’m willing to buy it, knowhutimean?

  12. Conner Pulliam

    Been coming here every so often for years, as I prefer to read your amazing stories after they are finished. Checked in today, started season 3, and made it this far before I realized you deserve my money. I highly admire your work, Mike. It’s even influenced my own illustrations, as your extraordinary attention to detail helped me improve on things I hadn’t thought of before. May you never run out of ideas.

    • quasilucid

      I sincerely appreciate your support and encouragement.
      Thank you.

      And impeccable timing on coming on board season 3. It will wrap up this week.

  13. David

    Glad to be back to reading… been a few years… Stories on S3 are Awesome! Sorry to see the ‘usual social phenomena’ reached these walls, yet glad same said left in a hurry… Rock On Mike… Got my vote…

  14. T.Aquinas

    As a person of faith, I’m obliged to point out that people like me subscribe to an illogical world view.
    That’s faith. That’s the point.
    We can’t argue an unreasonable point of view.
    People of faith take a”leap” and surrender reason to a greater power.
    Faith, along with hope and love, is a theological virtue that is earned.

    I like this story.

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