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  1. Spijder

    Shortest FP and most unexpected twist ending ever! I wouldn’t in a million years have expected our hero to be so suddenly crushed by the title letters like that! Kudos!

    • SrPilha

      It’s not over. That T is standing too conspicuously in the center of the circle for it to be safe.

    • ghawthorne

      Made me LOL IRL, Spijder. Well done, you. 🙂

      Twist: The T metamorphs into the trickster.



      (…and twist.)

      • tricksterwolf

        For me? 😀 You shouldn’t have!

        No, seriously; you shouldn’t have. It was a nice thought, but I’m returning the demonic helmsman for a sweater.

        • tricksterwolf

          HellSPAWN. (Stupid phone.)

    • Sigurther

      That was worthy of a hefty laugh indeed. Thank you.

    • Fay Roberts

      You won that, hands down! 🙂

    • daniel

      Lol, full marks Spijder

    • tricksterwolf

      The detectives were really confused by how the coroner’s report simply stated, “Cause of death: T”.

  2. John KP
    John KP

    Wheres the blood? Sucked by the hellish letters from dimension Omega ?

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