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  1. Daniel

    excellent transition!

    • MidnightDStroyer

      I agree. From the incantation of a curse on those pilots in the planes overhead, right into an incantation of infernal summoning…which is, for all practical purposes, inflicting a curse upon one’s self.

      • Guest

        The new guy even has his middle finger inverted.

  2. watchtheweatherchange

    got to be one of the best lead-ins…

  3. Some Unreg Punk
    Some Unreg Punk


  4. fayroberts

    As above posters – particularly pleased with this transition panel! 🙂

    (Even though I want more closure from Specimen, dammit! :D)

  5. ghawthorne

    Yeah! Throwing up a hardcore reverse-shocker to the heavens!

  6. Emby Quinn
    Emby Quinn

    Sortakinda wanted more rez to the story, but shit…we all know what happens. A really big b00m.

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