False Positive Super Short-Prose: Cursed

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  1. Gail


  2. watchtheweatherchange

    wasn’t expecting anything for a while, this was a nice surprise.

  3. xstylz786

    your writing is incredible and would be a welcome addition to the site

  4. Vyachislav

    Wow, that was a pretty mind-blowing, horrifying take on the whole “Night of the Living Dead” thing. Impressive reveal at the end, I was shocked.

  5. Web_MST3K

    Kids! I bet he forgot to wipe his feet before he came inside too.

  6. Mister Morphine
    Mister Morphine

    Reminded me of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. Poor boy. But I pity the living more.

    • Kill-It!

      Poor (doppelgänger-monster) boy?

      Pet Semetary meets Invasion of The Body Snatchers meets a vindictive gypsy curse?

  7. brokenmusiquebox

    Beautiful. I too would welcome prose in here mixed in with the comics every once in a while. You have a wonderful way of drawing us into a story. Thank you.

  8. Matt [in Middletown]
    Matt [in Middletown]

    In the Lassie TV shows and movies, Timmy was always falling down wells, abducted by circus people, gypsies, etc.
    And somehow, Timmy seemed indestructible.
    I always figured Lassie was trying to destroy the boy, then bragging about it to his parents.
    Who would mistake the bragging for a warning, and go rescue their oddly immortal offspring.
    I guess Lassie got the last laugh?

  9. Bolshoi

    This is an amazing short story. You have a real gift with the unexpected results. Heck, even when the result is expected, it’s often amazing anyway. When can we expect graphic novels?

  10. John KP
    John KP

    Great story, but funnily, perhaps strangely, this wasn’t as mysterious as the comics.

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