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  1. DeadCow

    RAW sirloin? tasty!

  2. Vyachislav

    Mmm, sirloin, right, totally what that is. Although maybe that is what it is, who knows?

  3. brokenmusiquebox

    Maybe it’s an icepack. Like how in old movies and shows they put a steak on the eye instead of ice

    • Wolff Laarcen

      That’s actually what I was thinking too. Aspirin with a steak doesn’t make much sense otherwise.

    • Jack

      Hence the aspirin. Okay, that makes sense.

      • slowdjinn

        Especially since flank tends to be cheaper than sirloin, IIRC.

        • DeadCow

          I dunno, a guy with a butler can’t afford an icepack with real ice in it? Plus, this is False Positive we’re talking about here…maybe the…DUN DUN DUN the aspirin is actually made of STEAK

          • slowdjinn

            Bahahahaaah! I like the way you’re thinking.
            Not sure that’s a butler though – the tone is too familiar, they’re carrying a silver(?) tray without gloves, and do I see nail-varnish? A maid, possibly, but I’m guessing wife.
            I’m also guessing Werewolf 😎

          • Eryka Soleil

            Ice used to be quite expensive, as it was a large block that actually had to be delivered, and then kept in a special cold place. The theory was also that the meat would draw out the water build-up in a black eye, and it would contour to the face better than an ice pack might.

  4. The other ghost girl
    The other ghost girl

    Perhaps it isn’t asperine, but something for his unusual cravings for very rare steak

  5. Web_MST3K

    I’m thinking werewolf too, but this strip goes for the unpredictable, and werewolves are cliche. Oh well, I guess I’m in for a surprise on Monday.

  6. Eryka Soleil

    Oh, it matters.

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