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  1. Nakku

    Can’t wait to see what this one’s about! How many chapters are going to be in this season, do you think?

    • quasilucid

      Can’t wait to share what this one’s about.
      I am scheming out the season break now, but I think there will be 13 chapters this season and then maybe a month break before Season 2 begins.

      • Emily

        Literally squirming with anticipation to see the next update.

  2. greeble

    WOW! I love your stuff. So imaginative, so wild! I do wish the stories were a little longer, but there’s no denying you make it to a high point before stopping.

  3. baconandeggs

    great commic 🙂 plz keep up the fantasic work. cheers m8 !!

  4. dee_jay

    Can’t wait to see the “thing” behind that humanoid shadow…

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