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  1. Ls

    I love trying to guess what thumbnail image you’ll use at the end of a story/before the next one. This time, I was aaaalmost right, but I thought you’d include her thumb.

  2. HanOneSail

    The poor thing just wanted to party.

  3. Nya

    Woah. That last one ended more abruptly than I’d have liked, but 10 seconds later, I can totally see why it ended there. Seriously, for someone telling a series of frankly and comfortingly complex stories with almost no dialogue whatsoever… I don’t think I’ve yet met your rival. Granted there is a TON of shit out there I haven’t seen yet. But I’m impressed in a way I haven’t been yet with a webcomic. Impressed to my very entrails. And yet there’s more!! <3 (Obsessed about reading thing in order of arrival)

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