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  1. thinayr

    WHOA that’s an awesome setting! Can’t wait for this one…

  2. Hyula (@Hyululu)

    Have you ever read a series called “Flinch”? I’m not sure how popular the comic ever were, but I stumbled across them some time ago and fell in love~
    Your stories remind me a bit of that series. 🙂 Not so much in a “hey, these comics are exactly the same!” kind of way, but more in a “man I love these vaguely eerie, really unconventional, slightly surreal genres” kind of way.
    Loving your stuff so far! (actually, I’m liking this more than Flinch!) Beautiful and freaky!

    • quasilucid

      Flinch doesn’t ring a bell. But you’ve got me interested.
      And thanks.

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