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  1. Nero

    Never open Pandora’s Box.

  2. Doc

    The mini-guy on the chair in the back is a nice touch.

  3. Raven

    Hang on, if the anti-gravity one wore off eventually, then wouldn’t he revert back to normal within a day or so (well, hopefully)?

  4. Lunatikk

    Simply gorgeous artwork—I’m completely captivated.

  5. anodos

    Didn’t notice his face at first

    • Akan Rithe
      Akan Rithe

      Because he’s all face

  6. WonkyTARDIS

    And somewhere, the man who had finally invented a potion to woo the Vogon of his dreams was looking sadly at the suitcase full of clothes.

    • Blake

      I find it more likely he’s thinking of all the effort put into sneaking it on the plan and thinking suddenly “What will my home planet think will I come home with THIS?!”

  7. Puk's Soliloquy
    Puk's Soliloquy

    I’d like to see a continuation of this sequence

  8. blueplaidcoffee

    All I can say is; thank god it’s in black and white (and blue-ish grey)

  9. ode

    anyone notice the fetus coming out of the giant mouth?

  10. icalasari

    By help, he means kill, right?

  11. Storm_Constantine

    I like how there are potions that not only alter his physical appearance, but apparently one can rip a hole in the fabric of space. nice touch, don’t normally see that in your everyday alchemical mixture

  12. Mel

    Wow. He DID become a monster! Nice!

  13. Emby Quinn
    Emby Quinn

    The most horrifying thing about this indescribable body horror is that there are parts of him that are still recognizably human.

    • Leviathan

      Actually looking closely I can see his leg is still normal from the last past page from where he fell on the case {the foot that got green stuff on it} and there looks to be a fully formed mini him in the back chair lol

  14. Akan Rithe
    Akan Rithe

    You know you got fucked when you have a baby hanging from you and you have farted a wormhole in the wall.

  15. Akan Rithe
    Akan Rithe

    Also notice the little dude chilling on the armchair not giving a fuck.

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